Saturday, December 4, 2010

Web Based Issue Management Software Solution

Increasing trend of offshore development and outsourcing work induces project managers to synchronize the multiple time zones. Web based project management solution is used to view the developments on the assignments of web based team. Clients are demanding high transparency and more visibility in the progress of their projects. This is the reason why client-facing project teams use collaborative software named web based issue management software to interact with customers. Web based issue tracking is hierarchical software that let you maximize the developer’s productivity, introduce standardized issue management and bug tracking and lessen the cost of management of your enterprise.

Getting great web based helpdesk software is not a difficult task as you have at your aid. You will find convenient, well sophisticated issue management systems at the advanced rack of This great Issue Tracking System Software offers you inclusive reporting, improves productivity, manages project resources and examine what work has finished and what remains. Being a simple and handy issue management tool, this software tracks and manages all types of issues, tasks and processes from convention to resolution. This issue management software allows you to centralize track, record, update and manage projects, tasks and issues and enable you to build, modify and automate processes and workflows.

This issue management solution can be applied to all types of business and is suitable for every kind of business irrespective in size. It promotes optimum utilization of support sources and unifies support operations and 3rd party providers round the globe. This web based issue tracking software greatly integrates customer feedback to business intelligence and discharge the input to product development process. Other services of PointInsight includes defect tracking, incident management, process management, product management, quality management, project management, task management and other areas of management solution too.


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